Great British National Railway Data

Network Rail (or GBR) are responsible for the heavy-rail network in England, Cymru & Scotland. Below is a list of the functions and data we offer for the network.

Our bridge pages include information of all bridges, culverts & viaducts that intersect Newtork Rail infrastructure, including structure details, historical SCMI ratings, ownership & maintainance information and more.

Fares & Ticketing
Find current and future fares, ticket types & restictions, and browse past & present fare manuals for rail served cities in the UK.

Level Crossings
Details of every Network Rail owned level crossing throughout the UK, including inspections, risks and usage, amongst others.

Line Files & Gradient Profiles
Gradient profiles for most British lines, accompanied by the locations of stations, bridges, tunnels and level crossings. Available in both interactive and PDF formats.

Passenger Flows
Create and run reports with a detailed breakdown of passenger journeys between individual stations, regions and station groups on the GB rail network.

Mileages & Distance
Our software and routing algorythms calculate the shortest distance, with a weighting towards commonly travelled and permitted routes, between Great British stations

A selection of signalling diagrams, simulators, block bell practice and other signalling goodies.

Detailed usage statistics, platform lengths, links to timetables, service patterns and more, for every station on the mainline network.

A library of timetables from 2014 to the present day.

Details of tunnel bores, portals, shafts, adits & cross passages for Network Rail owned tunnels.