Level Crossing Data

Detailed information of level crossings on Newtork Rail infrastructure

Find a level crossing by name

Look up details for any Network Rail level crossing, by searching the name of the crossing using the form below.
Note: a crossing must be selected from the drop-down list before clicking submit.

Find a crossing using an ELR & mileage

Find a bridge by an ELR and mileage. A search can be conducted using either miles & chains or miles & yards.

List all crossings on a line

To view an interactive list of all bridges on a particular line, simply enter a 3 or 4 character Engineers Line Reference in the box below, and click submit.

Not sure where to start?

If you're unsure where to start, why not head to the line file pages, where it is possible to search for lines in your local area. From here, there are links to all crossings on your chosen line.

Another way to find reference and mileage information is to consult a level crossing plate, or if there is one, the lablel within the casing of a level crossing phone. However, please do NOT lift the handset of a crossing phone unless you are required to do so to cross.

An example of a level crossing plate and phone label is shown in the images below.