Atherton Goods Yard

Constructed in 1956 as a 35 lever frame controlling four running lines, four platforms and a collection of sidings and a goods yard, Atherton was situated on a line built to provide extra capacity between Wigan and Manchester by avoiding the bottlenecks of Bolton. As part of a cost cutting measure, the box was officially closed in 1999, only to be reopened in 2000 when it became apparent that the large block section between Crow Nest Junction and Walkden was causing excessive delays. Towards the end of its life, the severely rationalised box with its 5 working levers was open on a part-time basis and was switched out at quieter times, before finally closing on July 28th 2013, transfering operations to Manchester Piccadilly Signalling Centre.

Diagram of Atherton (2011), Drawn by Danny Withington.
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