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 Caledonian Road and Barnsbury 

Station Usage

In 2022/2023, Caledonian Road and Barnsbury had 1,328,442 entries and exits, making it the 342nd most used, out of 2,575 stations in Great Britain.
It ranked 104th busiest (out of 997), with 2,091 scheduled services per week.
That's a daily average of 3639.57 passengers starting or ending their journey here and 12.22 passengers per service, giving it the 801st (out of 1,659) passenger to service ratio.

Service sample data based on scheduled services during the first week of the May 22 timetable.

Usage stats in detail

Standard price entries & exits: 453,940
Reduced price entries & exits: 658,682
Season ticket entries & exits: 215,820
Total entries & exits: 1,328,442
Interchanges made between connecting services: 0
Change in usage from 21/22: +166,946 : 14.37%
A detailed breakdown of passenger journeys between individual stations can be found in our origin/destination matrix pages.

Platform Lengths

2 (Westbound)107389
3 (Eastbound)124450
*VF = Vicki Feet: the unit of measurement for platform lengths, as used in the excellent All The Stations. Conversion rate: YouTube video
Data derived from Network Rail timetable planning rules 2025 (Jan 2024)

Service Patterns

Current Timetables

Usage History

Change between 1997 & 2023: +1,287,479 (+3,143.03%)

Reasons for change:
2006-07 TfL Travelcard
2007-08 Growth of 27% or more
2008-09 Change to London Overground in November 2007. Switch to PAYG Oyster away from TOC tickets produces decline.
2010-11 Oyster PAYG accepted but not captured prior to Jan 2010
2011-12 London Overground demand ramp-up
2012-13 Continuation of recent trend in growth on London Overground services
2013-14 Continuation of recent trend in growth on London Overground services

Location Details

Location: Caledonian Road and Barnsbury
Station Facility Owner: London Overground
OS Grid Ref: 530822 184422
Constituency: Islington South and Finsbury
Local Authority: Islington
NR Region: London
ELR: BOK1 3m 74ch
This station is part of the London Travelcard Area


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Origin/Destination Matrix

Top 5 jouneys from Caledonian Road and Barnsbury during 2022/2023:
•Stratford (London) (132,597 journeys)
•Highbury and Islington (55,048 journeys)
•Hackney Central (45,766 journeys)
•Dalston Kingsland (45,073 journeys)
•Homerton (27,998 journeys)
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Neighbouring Stations

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Camden Road1.11
Highbury and Islington0.45